17,000 Reasons to Remember

On the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, young people in Slough led a poignant heritage project to record and commemorate the stories of Polish aircrew and their contribution to securing British and Allied victory during the Second World War.

Through undertaking oral history interviews with Polish veterans and their families, and visiting important Museums and heritage sites, young people have recorded the stories of a people that fled over a thousand miles to ‘The Island of Last Hope’, and while coming to terms with their exile, fought for the freedom of the country they had left behind and the country they now resided in. The stories of twelve interviewees and their families have been integrated into an exhibition and a booklet which gives insight into the experiences of the 17,000 people whose stories this project commemorates and remembers.

The project was delivered by Aik Saath – Together as One, Mapis Project CIC and Bentley Priory Museum and was supported by a grant from Heritage Lottery Fund.

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Team photo

To find out more about the project you can download the project evaluation report.

About the exhibition

The stories of twelve interviewees and their families have been integrated into an exhibition about the contribution of the Polish Air Force in Britain during World War II. The exhibition includes a timeline of the history of the Polish Air Force and significant events during this period, information and stories about the outbreak of war, experiences of training and tactics as well as the aftermath of war and the legacy that has been left behind through these pilots’ stories.

Download Exhibition Booklet

Information for venues

Dimensions and Logistics

The exhibition consists of 11 panels which contain text and images.

Each panel is approximately 2m (h) x 1.22m (w) in size.

The panels are freestanding and a member of staff will set up and takedown the panels.

If you are interested in displaying the ’17,000 Reasons to Remember’ exhibition at your venue, please fill out the contact form below.